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Our Programmes


The aim of our programmes is to provide the community with a sufficient degree of understanding that it can react appropriately to the issues at hand. More than this, our programmes are designed to enable the community to discover the issues for themselves and then communicate their findings to others. Self discovery is a very powerful tool.


We use this approach regardless of whether we are undertaking direct community engagement or using our own delivery model. Our delivery model uses education establishments as the starting point. We personally teach the subject matter in an entertaining and informative manner. Once the pupils and student understand the issues we assist them in taking their understanding out to the wider community. We have two main programmes.


Our Primary school programme is titled ‘From the Curriculum to the Community’ and in High schools and Colleges we offer our Student Volunteer Programme. We also have our own 5 metre mobile exhibition unit that can easily be branded to support any initiative.




From the Curriculum to the Community produces a remarkable amount of community contact, subsequent understanding and reaction to issues. It is a robust delivery system that can be adapted to support most issues. The short film we made to document its structure and effect explains the programme in a way that words can never achieve. Click on the picture on the right to see the film.


In short, teachers like it because it is curriculum linked. Pupils love it as it gives them a chance to express themselves. Parents get to see and are really proud of the work the pupils have produced. The wider community are pleased to read the positive press coverage.  






Our Student Volunteer Programme has produced amazing results. The students are taught by us about the issues we are facing. Their task is to develop events and initiatives that they can take into other schools and more importantly, the wider community. Most students participate to get volunteering on their CV and end up so engrossed they forget why they enrolled in the first place!


Once again the short film hopefully conveys more than any words what this programme means to tutors and students. Click on the picture on the right to see the film.


The film is extracted from the Lowestoft Local Links showcase film we made to celebrate the three year project which is one of Suffolk County Council’s sustainable transport initiatives.





Our mobile exhibition unit is ideal to support any

community event and is easily re-branded to ensure

the community know who and where the message

is coming from.








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