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We would like to thank the hundreds of members of the community, businesses, Local Authority staff, organisations, clients, teaching staff and pupils that have been kind enough to recognise the level of professionalism and personal commitment we put into every project we undertake. There are obviously far too many to show on a single page but we do keep them and a full record of all comments is available on request. Here are just a few comments that relate to individual elements of our programmes.



Classroom modules


"The year 7 pupils really engaged with the activities and discussion. It was very impressive to see how the sessions generated enthusiasm for the subject. The pupils especially enjoyed the hands on aspects and exhibits and the amount of interesting facts and information which they were able to take away was significant. As a school and department

we would definitely look to have these sessions again!"  

Mr Kassissia, Geography Teacher, Pakefield High.


“The science lessons have been great!  All the children who took part learnt something and

therefore have managed to use it within education (answering questions in school/classes).

It’s been lovely to see children from years 1, 2 and 3 mixing together to learn about the

environment and the world.  I have also learnt a few things from these sessions as well.”  

Miss Kellor, Roman Hill Primary.


"A fabulous and 'real-life' experience for all our students here at Beccles Free School and a

great introduction to the classroom learning sessions we look forward to in the Autumn Term.

A massive thank you to Hayley, Terry and Jan who were marvellous in providing an inspiring

session for our young people."

Michelle Clark, Assistant Head of Learning and Teaching, Beccles Free School.  

Beccles classroom

School roadshows


‘I welcome these roadshows which promote innovative initiatives with the real potential to change travel behaviour and deliver wider environmental benefits’

Norman Baker, Minister for Transport.


'I was so impressed with your roadshow that I wrote a piece for the school newsletter in

order that parents could see it. But far more important is the overall environmental effect

that you had. As a direct result of your visit we are now working towards making the

school an officially recognised Eco-school.’

Tony Carrino, Faculty Leader. East Bergholt High School Suffolk.


'It was fantastic, very interesting and entertaining – so perfectly pitched for all age groups,

even our reception class learned a great deal!

Mrs Carrick Year 3 teacher: Buriton Primary, Hants.


"Many thanks for today. These were  comments made by teachers when I asked for feedback:  

'The students just  loved it'  -  'Really excellent delivery and presentation - totally relevant and

engaging for all the students'  -  'Wish they could stay all week and spend more time with the


Cath MacGregor, Director, Northease Manor School, East Sussex.

Upper school

Student Volunteer programme


‘I like the way the Claritie team deal with our students – very professional and friendly but not afraid to insist on high standards or constructively criticise the students if they fail to deliver. The students really respect this and have a genuine affection for the team. The students are justifiably very proud of their volunteering achievements such as organising the Cycle Festival and getting involved in developing child health education modules. Staff at the College are 100% behind

this initiative. Our time working with Claritie has been time very well spent.'

Emma Beese, Travel and Tourism course manager, Lowestoft FE College



'I view the volunteering to work with Claritie as a fantastic opportunity for our

students. The volunteer scheme works on so many levels; the students get to

experience working on a real project with tangible results, they are also able to

work alongside professionals from a range of different industries and they get to

do something valuable for their local community. What sets this scheme apart

from others is that is a real project that has the potential to have a massive

positive impact on the students’ own local environment. Students are sometimes

difficult to fathom. Knowing how to motivate them is one thing – keeping them

inspired is another. This programme achieves both.’

Jenni Coles, IT and Marketing lecturer, Lowestoft 6th. Form college